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My neck was in so much pain Laura paid special attention to it & worked out all the knots!

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About Me:  My name is Laura, and I’m the owner and massage therapist of Balance Massage. As a graduate from the Denver School of Massage Therapy, therapeutic massage is somewhat of a second career for me. With Masters degrees in counseling & theology,  I deeply appreciate the importance of relaxing the mind, releasing worry & stress and finding nurture for the soul.  Massage is quiet space for the mind to relax and renew- and that is crucial to health & well-being!

Philosophy:  And as a runner, wife, mother and 30-something & holding, I understand the realities of chronic tension, injury & dysfunction in the body and the effects that this can have on daily living. Chronic pain is debilitating, injury changes a life overnight and muscle tension creates enormous dysfunction within the body. Our bodies are incredibly adaptive, yet not made to function in imbalance. Massage therapy helps release long-held tension, rehabilitate injury and relieve chronic pain- I’ve seen it ‘work’ 100 times!  Muscles that are shortened and chronically tight can be released, and range of motion can be restored allowing you the freedom the live your life free from pain.

What is your massage style and what makes Balance Massage unique?   My aim as a massage therapist is to provide a blend of relaxation while promoting definitive change in the body so I suppose my massage style could be summarized as ‘relaxingly therapeutic’.   I endeavor to promote relaxation for my clients while working with a clinical eye towards assessing and treating muscular dysfunction.  Truthfully, a lot of times I work with my eyes closed to allow my mind to focus and interpret what my hands are feeling. Massage is bringing awareness to what is happening in the body and it’s my job to help identify those areas of imbalance and do my best to facilitate restoration to balance. I love longer sessions (90 minutes +) because it allows ample time for clients to fully relax thus allowing me time to access deeper muscle layers as well as providing the inclusiveness of a full body massage experience. And, I really enjoy deep pressure work as well. I started my own practice to create a professional yet personalized environment dedicated to using massage to promote health & well being for clients- using a variety of techniques and modalities.  There is no “one size fits most” at Balance Massage- every body is different and each session is customized.  I set my schedule so that I’m not rushed from one client to the next, to best meet client’s needs.  

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